The very first solo abroad held in Vermilion Art, Sydney, 2017.









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Gentleness in the Wilderness: Learn to wait for myself

A long, remarkable journey of Israelites was recorded in the Old Testament— the Israelites spent 40 years on a journey which should have taken only 11 days. Instead of went straight into the Promise Land, the Israelites kept taking detour in wilderness, for 40 years.

I had experienced a similar Wilderness Detour. During 2015-2016, I was stuck in nowhere, I can’t create anything. I was depressed, in doubt, raged, exhausted. I had tried every possible way to get myself out, and when all doors were shut, I turned to one thing that I was not used to -- being still. When I look around and see nothing in the wilderness, I looked up to God, and look down at myself.

Accepting the fact that I need to grow, somehow brought me to the realisation of what I have been clinging to - sense of security, profession, pride, everything that I believe I own - was not the source of strength I need to carry on. I was not as capable as I thought, and the moment I accepted it (which took me almost a year), my eyes was opened. I get to see, it is His everlasting and unchanging love that upholds me, leads me forward. His love, delivered me, covered me and showed me that I was never abandoned or forsaken no matter what happened.

When I learn to wait for myself, in the wilderness, it seems that I own nothing, yet I have everything.

Let go and Let God. Gentleness in the Wilderness is a story about walking into true freedom and liberation.

Who is this I see coming up from the country,

arm in arm with her lover? (MSG)

(Special thanks to Kai-En Su.)