In Wilderness:

Beam Through the Dust


曠野的溫柔 黃華真個展







 In Wilderness: Beam Through the Dust  


According to the Old Testament in the Bible, the Israelites had to spend 40 years on a journey which can actually be made in 11 days. During those 40 years, they were taking a detour around the same familiar mountain without making progress; for scenery along their way there was only wilderness.


Wilderness—it's an aimless wandering, a process of trial. It's the place to encounter oneself, and the Origin of all things.


Repeating movements when one faces a bottleneck—adding layer upon layer, running oil paints across the canvas; tinting a new shade, or hazarding a single stroke. During the familiar repetition of steps—chiseling, polishing, the fine traces from carving—all these movements reveal labor and meaning, rinsed clean at each step.


Now a little later, the dazzling spark of epiphany is still forthcoming. Yet with renewed perspective, one can see glimmers in the dust.


“In Wilderness: Beam Through the Dust” illustrates this virtuous cycle.