i send you this short note


The series is composed of various tiny-sized oil paintings since 2013. It first exhibited in the one day co-exhibition with Taiwanese artist Pin-Lin Huang in Paris, August 2013; partial pieces had been shown with Hua-Chen's other work in 2013-2014, and the co-exhibition 'i send you this short note' with Pin-Ling Huang in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2016.






i send you this short note | Hua-Chen Huang


Before starting the journey in 2013, I got a package sent by P from Paris. It was a normal sized envelope, slightly overfull, and contained 7 different sizes mini canvas: they’re so tiny that even smaller than her note—seemed like cookies, also could be hold in pocket. I brought them abroad and used for the first (tiny) painting series in Helsinki. I found a gorgeous cookie box for them, imaging about more exhibitions while keeping making new ones. I sent a picture of them to P; we promised to have an exhibition for those tiny babies someday together.


The mini paintings are expected to be interesting and warm, yet sometimes made by the inspiration of loneliness. When talking to someone, when getting connection with people, I recalled the beginning spirit of why we try to exhibit from the progress of the exhibition making. Each tiny object carries fragment of the time and space to be a token to remark something. Its lightness allows our insistence of using oil material in travel, also brings a nice balance for the paintingsthoughtful rather than overwhelmed, playful rather than rude—as a ready exhibition or a gift for random friends in traveling, it would be both beautiful to think of.


Ultimately, it is a kind of romance to hold an exhibition in a pocket, isn’t it?